“Be Moved.”

Anthromancer is a movement. I guess.

I hesitate to commit to that because I am not interested in starting what one might consider ‘a cult’. I do not want to inspire people to hand me responsibility over their souls, no matter how much power it might confer. I can’t save you. I don’t want to. You have to save yourself. I can’t teach you how to get in touch with God, I can’t make your problems go away, and I can’t protect you from the slings and arrows of reality. Don’t ask me to. I’ve seen Wild Wild Country.

It’s not a cult; It’s a club.

What I aim to do with Anthromancer is provide you with entertainment geared towards the kinds of people who *I* like to be with. Games that require deep thought, but reward those who don’t take things too seriously; music that has pop-sensibilities, but isn’t too concerned with popularity; books and articles that inquire after Truth but don’t presume to know it. I like to sit around with thoughtful people, play thoughtful games, and laugh at ourselves and one another. I like to sip tea and think about consciousness. I like to sing and rap and play heavy bass riffs for people who think I’m cool. I like to stumble upon inspiration in unexpected places, I delight in new friendships, and I am moved to tears when beautiful experiences unfold around me. I want to facilitate those experiences.

I also want to save the world. Of course I do; I’m a cisgender white American man raised on hero mythology who was well-loved by his parents and taught that he could do literally anything he set his mind to. What an asshole. I happen to believe passionate connection over games, music and philosophy will help save it. We are not so different, as I am
reminded each time I give a Dragonfruit reading. We just want to connect; I’m tired of how easily we get played for fools.

If strong people made it cool to be a fool, maybe we’d be better at learning from our mistakes? If I’m wrong, I’m still right. Checkmate, nerds.

When I invoke our slogan, ‘Be Moved’, I’m asking you to open up and let yourself be changed by the experience. I don’t expect you to change one way or the other; but opening up AT ALL strikes me as useful in a world of rigid expectations. Change your patterns, try something new, grow out of your old ways and discover what you really want. Be Moved to return to childlike wonder, Be Moved to connect with someone you love, Be Moved to triumph in a game of skill against your rivals, just...Be Moved.

I don’t know if that answers your question. Anthromancer is a tabletop gaming system, and it’s also the name I use as a musician and artist. I publish long-winded articles and mint NFTs under that name. It’s all over the place. I operate from the belief that ‘If I build it, they will come,’ and I trust that you are smart enough to figure it out. Hell, it makes sense to me, and I never went to college. I don’t think marketing people give us enough credit.

Am I Anthromancer? I guess so. Is this board game Anthromancer? Yeah, it is. Are people who join the club...Anthromancers? Why the hell not. It’s all a game, we’re here to have fun, go nuts. At the end of the day, I don’t care what we call it; I just want people to have more reasons to feel in love with being alive, and grateful they aren’t dead. If you like that, I hope you’ll play with me sometime. We’re not so different – and there’s deep magic at work when a new friend beats you at your own game.

With the brilliant chartreuse of human love,

Daniel James Drake
Anthromancer Frontman, Creator and Lead Designer

Anthromancer Board Game overhead fish eye lens


A Game. An Oracle. An Album. A Myth.

Funded on Kickstarter in 2020, and developed over the course of 7 years with the help of over 20 artists, musicians and designers, the Anthromancer tabletop entertainment system has something for everyone.

Explore The Mercenarium Arcade, a suite of original board and card games that use Anthromancer’s components to create experiences of high stakes competition and collaborative problem solving, built around a patented mechanic that promises to surprise and delight lovers of games of all backgrounds.

Dive into Dragonfruit Alchemy, an oracle system inspired by the archetypes of tarot and the changing lines of the I Ching, and discover how the classical elements can be used to draw out truths that might change us for the better.

Listen to The Hymnal to investigate the hidden meanings contained in the system governing each of Anthromancer’s 15 hymns, and develop your mastery.

Immerse yourself in the tale of The Fool and The Fox, a fully-illustrated mythological account of Anthromancer’s origins, and the key to understanding its true purpose.

Each of these pillars was designed to stand on its own, but by experiencing them in your own way, your perception of the whole will broaden, deepen, and maybe even change the course of your life. Become a part of the unfolding story, and let yourself Be Moved.



With the singing, songwriting, and ambitious basslines of Daniel James Drake, and a punch-up compositional collaboration with Patrick Crecelius, the Anthromancer musical act is an evolving creature building towards stadium-shaking electro-rock in the vein of early Muse (with a dash of The Postal Service).

Anthromancer’s debut album, The Hymnal, is an experimental conceptual piece written to accompany the oracular meanings of the 15 hymn cards in the Anthromancer tabletop entertainment system. The sophomore album, Absynthe & Honey (set to release August 1st, 2022) showcases an evolution from studio-produced symphonic chillhop into distortion-powered bass riffs, energetic arpeggiated synthesizers, and pounding four-on-the-floor beats draped in the high tenor of Daniel’s deeply vulnerable lyrics, expressing his painful evolution through undiagnosed autistic tendencies, collapsing romantic relationships, and the technological revolution of the third web.

Now available for stream and purchase on all major platforms.


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