Anthromancer is a game company, multimedia publishing house and producer of extraordinary experiences. Our mission is to add value to your world through remarkable design, open-heartedness and faith. We are proud of what we make.

Our debut is the self-titled Anthromancer (2022), a product containing both the strategy game Mercenarium and the Dragonfruit fortune telling tool. It was funded through kickstarter and formally published in the Summer of 2022.

Currently, we're developing new editions of both Mercenarium and Dragonfruit with all-new assets and design, to be released as individual products catered to their intended audiences.

We're building a community of dice-rolling iconoclasts; Seekers, gamblers and fools are our people, and You Belong.

We hope you find what you're looking for here. And if not, we'll roll with you until you do. In the meantime:

See For Your Self.

Daniel James Drake
Lead Designer

Anthromancer Board Game overhead fish eye lens


Chess, Poker, and Mario Kart, with Deadly Aesthetic.

Mercenarium is the perfect balance between strategy and chance. Using a modified deck of playing cards, a 5x5 gridded board and 3 special dice, it's immediately accessible to newbies and totally confounding for veterans. It can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players (free-for-all and 2v2), can be enjoyed by players 10 and older, and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. This was designed to be a game that you will love playing for the rest of your life, and a devoted community of tournament players will back us up on that.

Also, you can tell fortunes with it.



Tell Yourself a Story; Change Your Fortune Forever.

Dragonfruit is a refreshingly accessible fortune telling tool. It requires no secret knowledge and uses a clever 'alchemy' system to condense its logic to a single reference card, making it great for beginners while beckoning more experienced readers deeper. The Dragonfruit oracle gives satisfying meanings with a no-nonsense dualism that will make even skeptics take note; It resonates deeply with seekers from all backgrounds.

Also: You can play Mercenarium with it.



It's somewhere between The Postal Service and Muse.

Our debut album, The Hymnal (released April 22, 2020), is a conceptual work designed to accompany the Anthromancer tabletop debut. Our sophomore work Absynthe & Honey (released August 1st, 2022) showcases distorted bass riffs, dance synthesizers, and high tenor vulnerable lyricism.

Now available for stream and purchase.


Join our little Anti-Cult.