Anthromancer is the Anti-Cult.

Misinformation, narcissistic manipulators, nation-states and optics. It seems we’re drowning in lies, and I am sick of it. Perhaps you are, too.

I want to build power towards something better.

Several years ago I read the book ‘Start With Why’. In it, Simon Sinek outlines his theory of enduring brands: The businesses that have an organizing principle – a “Why” – are able to create lasting identities that can withstand the test of time. I was developing a card game at the time, and Sinek’s work inspired me to think harder about why I was doing it. Was it just to make a game? To make a quick buck, and move on? That didn’t satisfy me. It felt shallow, and did not give me the sense of purpose I craved. So I meditated, and journaled, and tried to figure out what my deeper purpose could be. Eventually, something occurred to me:

Foolish though it may seem, I wanted to change the world.

I wanted to create something people would cherish, and point to for impacting their growth. I wanted to awaken the spirit of those who spent time with my creation, to ripple into a future with less fear, more integrity, and a deeper sense of meaning to our collective suffering. I wanted to make my life feel more meaningful by giving something meaningful to others. I didn’t just want to publish and sell a product; I wanted that product to move people, and to leave them more powerful for years to come. I wanted to make a living by serving something that mattered, and not just something that sold well.

I realize this isn’t special. As I’ve grown wiser I’ve witnessed many young founders espousing similar goals to rationalize their capitalism. The noblest ambitions carry the greatest danger, and it is those who aspire to greatness who tend to inflict the most terrible things. I have done my best to move forward with a grain of salt and a pinch of doubt in all of my best intentions, lest I become a self-righteous fool at the heart of a massive scam. Still, this principle orients and drives me, and it has led me to understanding that I am not just a peddler of games. I am advocating for a particular philosophy, of which the games are the vanguard.

Anthromancer is a card game, a fortune telling system, and a band. Through this brand I am creating exciting experiences and a community of like-minded seekers who love earnestly and are willing to feel pain in pursuit of something real. I am creating musical performances that give an exceptionally vulnerable look into my heart. I am offering what guidance I can through the medium of the Dragonfruit oracle. I am fighting to create a place for those of us who would rather be honest than rich, who prefer vitality to security. This is a spiritual movement for the skeptics who, like me, have grown tired of being asked to believe lies in order to feel complete, and who reject the notion of a high council, a head of state, or a master race.

On a deeper level, I want to give others access to the spiritual tools I’ve cultivated for myself that have helped me become a man of principle and courage. I want to equip my tribe with weapons for fighting the memes that I believe are most threatening to us and our future. Memes of religion, nationality, greed and fear that dominate the discourse...I believe these forces can be understood as adversaries that we fight within our hearts and minds. People of spiritual integrity are hard to exploit for profit, and so the programming of mainstream culture is constantly attacking and degrading that integrity. I am fighting against these forces for my own benefit and for the benefit of the people I love. Anthromancer is the best way I know how to do that.

I am trying to share my gifts in the most meaningful way I can. I am trying to have the courage to stand for something. I am trying to share this sense of purpose with those who are also thirsty for a more meaningful life. I am willing to expose myself to ridicule and harm in pursuit of this goal, because the pursuit makes my life feel like one worth living.

If you find these words stir passion within you, too, then I invite you to be a part of it.

Join the Anti-Cult, and


Daniel James Drake
Creator of Anthromancer

Anthromancer Board Game overhead fish eye lens


A Game. An Oracle. An Album. A Myth.

Funded on Kickstarter in 2020 and developed over the course of 7 years with the help of over 20 artists, musicians and designers, The Anthromancer tabletop entertainment system is unlike anything else on the market. Don't get intimidated - It's Deep, not Hard.

Explore The Mercenarium Arcade, a suite of original card games curated for high drama and collaborative problem solving. The arcade is built around a patented mechanic that delights players of all backgrounds, and feels like Chess meets Poker. It takes about 20 minutes to learn the basics, and a lifetime to master.

Dive into Dragonfruit Alchemy, an oracle inspired by tarot and the changing lines of the I Ching, and discover how the classical elements can draw out our truth. Flip the system on its head and uncover profound self-knowledge through the reflective contemplations it inspires.

Listen to The Hymnal and breathe life into the music of a bygone civilization. Investigate the hidden meanings of each hymn, and develop your mastery of Anthromancy.

Consume the tale of The Fool and The Fox, a myth of grief, sorrow, and transformation, and the key to understanding the true purpose of the work.

Each experience is included in a seamless and beautiful product package that will look pristine in any respectable collection of games and occultist ephemera. It was designed to stand the test of time.



Anthromancer's musical act is evolving towards stadium-rock in a style somewhere between The Postal Service and Muse.

Our debut album, The Hymnal (released April 22, 2020), is a conceptual work designed to accompany the Anthromancer tabletop entertainment system. Our sophomore work Absynthe & Honey (released August 1st, 2022) showcases distorted bass riffs, arp synthesizers, dance beats and a trademark high tenor vulnerability. Follow us on your favorite streaming platform and get ready for exciting shows and performances in the years to come.

Now available for stream and purchase.


Where there's a Will, there's a Way.