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Are you excited about Anthromancer?

You can help!

If you support us on Patreon, you help us establish a dependable stream of revenue that allows us to focus our creative energies on making this brand as impactful as we believe it can be.

Patrons get all kinds of exclusive perks, including:

Exclusive merch drops

Exclusive NFTs

Playtesting priority for new rulebooks

Behind-the-Scenes updates and sneak peeks of upcoming projects

Early previews of singles and albums

First-look priority at upcoming music videos

Access to demos and other unreleased music

Special roles in the Anthromancer community discord

Patron-exclusive blog posts

Other weird ephemera (like journal scans, design files, and secrets)

Special credit in future projects

If these sound like your kind of perks, become an Anthromancer Patron today!