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Anthromancer Dice and Satin Dice Bag

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The iconic Fool, Fox, and Zodiac custom dice, and the Anthromancer dice bag adorned with the emblem of Dragonfruit Alchemy. Perfect for mystics and lovers of chance of all ages.

The Fool die is a classic white 6-sided die with indigo pips, its '6' replaced with the elemental icon of VOID; associated with the 3rd eye chakra, spiritual intuition and the feminine principle of receptivity.

The Fox die is a marbled purple 6-sided die with white pips, its '6' replaced with the sacred geometry of the Seed of Life; associated with the crown chakra, spiritual awakening, and the androgynous principle of divine union.

The Zodiac die is a translucent blue 12-sided die with roman numerals in the place of numbers; associated with the throat chakra, creative action, and the masculine principle of forward motion.

With these 3 dice, anyone can 'roll the bones' and deliver a compelling reading with signifier and challenge.