Untouchable (Single) Now Streaming on Patreon

Untouchable (Single) Now Streaming on Patreon

If you're supporting Anthromancer on Patreon, then you'll be pleased to see that you can now stream our hottest, freshest single - Untouchable. It's going to be one of the flagship songs for the next album, Absynthe & Honey (scheduled for release in August 2022), but Patrons get all kinds of wicked goodies months earlier than everyone else. If you're not backing the Patreon, now's a great time to consider it. But if you wait around long enough you'll be able to jam out to all our music on all platforms eventually. 

Stay tuned for lots of new music news and (fingers crossed) some tour dates in the next few months. Big stuff a-brewing.

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I’m just commenting to test this feature on the new website; it pays to see how moderation works and how it looks when the site is live. I also just love to talk to myself, I do it rather often.

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