Monday Newsletter: Event Announcement, The Fool's Manifesto, and More

Monday Newsletter: Event Announcement, The Fool's Manifesto, and More

Happy Monday, Anthromancers.

Here's what's new since last week:

  • We've got an Events page now - take a look! We've also formally announced our first live event since Anthromancer went on sale; on Wednesday, August 24th you can come hang out with us at Apotheosis Comics @ Cherokee and Jefferson in our hometown of St. Louis. Pop over to the event announcement (or RSVP on Facebook) so we know to expect you. It's a free event, starts at 6pm and runs til 10pm, and you'll be able to catch me giving live demos of Mercenarium strategy and Dragonfruit technique so you'll have all the secrets for when you share Anthromancer with your friends.
  • I just posted a very important piece of writing - The Fool's Manifesto. I've finally emerged from a profound series of transformations, as a gigantic, seven year chapter of my life slammed shut when I walked away from my career as the world's first professional pancake artist. This is my attempt to transform a miasma of complicated and painful emotions into something useful to me, my brand, and the world. I hope you'll find some solace there.
  • The new album Absynthe & Honey has wormed its way onto a few Spotify playlists. If you haven't already, check out the music video for "With Me", and give the album a listen. It's all tied up in the same feelings that led to that ol' manifesto.
  • Finally, I've been experimenting a ton with Midjourney, the AI platform that's like DALL-E's psychedelic little brother. You'll be seeing a lot of trippy images all over the website henceforth. The image for this post, for instance, comes from the prompt "indigo yggdrasil, the tree of life in a glowing indigo void, bearing dragonfruit with shimmering rainbow skin, ultra detailed". Sometimes it feels a bit like the creativity equivalent of combining a nuclear warhead with a shotgun; extremely powerful, but a bit tricky to get exactly what you want. If you're not too picky, though, you can trick some neat stuff to fall out.

Anyway, thank you so much for being a part of the Anthromancer journey so far. I'll be spending the rest of the day putting together some promotional material in the hopes of making a few more sales here in my hometown, and hopefully in the next week or so I'll have enough free capital to get these international orders boxed up and shipped off. I am still very sorry to my international kickstarter backers. Thank you for the patience you've shown thus far.

Thanks for reading.


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