It Is Almost Time

It Is Almost Time

Anthromancer - after nearly a decade of development - is on the precipice of releasing.

I've been told that the shipment will arrive at our St. Louis headquarters at the end of May, and we're anticipating the start of the fulfillment process around May 30th. After that, everything gets weirder. I can't wait.

Now, there is still time to pre-order it for the massively reduced kickstarter price of $35 but that window is closing fast. After that, we'll be selling it for $60 USD, so get it while it's hot.

Why the price increase, you might ask? 

I was a bit of a fool back when we picked $40 (with a $5 discount for Kickstarter). I had it in my head that if we charged more than was absolutely necessary we would have fewer sales and the cultural impact of the game would be negatively affected. Classic novicebrain, shooting myself in the foot. This product is worth a lot more than $40; hell, the codex alone would probably sell for that in your average bookshop. Besides, we've got a bunch of royalty contracts with the contributing artists, and if I sell the product for less than it's worth to 'scale it', we're gonna have less money to market, less money to order more, less energy to live on, and all the contributing artists will get smaller payouts.

That says nothing of the shipping cost increases and inflation more broadly, which has acted a damn fool in the years since we made our first price target. The world is a weird place.

So, $60 it is. Feels good, man.

In other news, the website has been given a (third) facelift, and this one should be hanging around for a while. I've figured a lot of things out in the last few months and I'm proud to say I actually understand what I'm doing now. E-commerce and blogs don't strike me with the anxiety they used to.

If you've been a part of the Anthromancer community since day one, I'm really grateful you've stuck around. I'm so excited to get these games to you, and hear what you think about them. I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished here and excited about the future, and none of this would be happening without your support.

That's all for now - more site updates to come.

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