At the core, Dragonfruit Alchemy (or simply Dragonfruit) is a way to use Anthromancer to tell our own stories in new ways. It is what is known as an oracle system, with many similarities to Tarot divination or the I Ching (the Book of Changes).

In this guide we associate the cards, the dice, and the board included in Anthromancer with symbols that can be woven together with one another to craft compelling narratives. If we apply these narratives to our own lives, they can have transformative effects on the way we see things. They can cast a reflection that exposes our deep hopes and fears, and they can challenge us to investigate our destructive habits, affirm our confidence when we’re on the right path, or simply give us some food for thought. Perhaps most importantly, this system can be a gateway into the state of mind called ‘flow’, providing a creative task that is satisfying in and of itself.

Despite its cryptic appearance, Dragonfruit isn’t ‘magical’ in the usual sense. The force that gives it power is unlocked (and limited) by your creativity. This system may serve as a tool to help you change your future, but it won’t predict it; there’s no way it can tell you what lottery numbers to pick with any accuracy. It is a psychological parlor trick in which its ability to transform you is dependent upon the expectations you bring to it. Therefore, the deeper your understanding of the way the system works, the more profound your experience will likely be.

Whatever reflections Dragonfruit seems to unearth, they are ultimately a product of your own mind. Without you, Anthromancer is inanimate, a set of meaningless objects drifting through space. You already contain the essence of whatever ideas you find here; this system is simply meant to help you take hold of them. Play with it as you would any toy, flow as you learn the system, and see what knowledge you can discover within your own mind.

In the rest of this chapter we provide a guide to understanding the process of Dragonfruit Alchemy, and how you can use it to craft transformative stories of your own. With the right attitude, the potential for an infinity of new experiences can be found here.