I’m Dan, and a few years back while I was on a flight back home from Brazil, I had an idea for a card game. I played with it for a little while and ran into some difficulties, and for the first time in my life, I convinced myself to be patient and push through instead of giving up right away. Over time, that kernel of an idea grew into something I never could’ve predicted: Anthromancer.

I’ve spent the last 5 years pouring every ounce of my creative energy into cultivating this. I’ve been fortunate to land a career that affords me the time (I launched the world’s first professional pancake art company, Dancakes, with my best friend and business partner Hank), and we’re finally able to share some of this work with the world.

This project has called on all of my skills and more, and I’ve enlisted the help of many artists and creatives to realize this vision. I plan to grow this brand for as long as I draw breath, and cannot wait to see what the future holds. I hope you’ll join me, and help build a community like none before. Thank you.

IG: @danieljamesdrake
twitter: @danieljdrake



Hey, I’m Hank. After graduating high school at 16, I attended college as the youngest person in my class. I studied Mass Communication and Video Production for two semesters and then was immediately thrust into my Dad's construction business to assist in "keeping the boat afloat" during the 2008-2009 recession. After 5 years I went from office assistant to office manager and helped the company go from almost bankrupt to a thriving business when I left in 2014. It was tough, and very much a ‘sink or swim’ environment, but through the process I gained valuable management experience, learned how to persevere during hardship, and cultivated practical business skills such as client communication, bookkeeping, taxes, and more. All the while I continued to learn and experiment with video production in my free time.

When Dan and I started our pancake art company Dancakes in 2014, I was able to apply all these skills to run the new business. The same can be said for Anthromancer. When Dan approached me with this ambitious project, it was hard not to have my practical side come out and try to ground him to be more "realistic" with the format. But, I am glad I didn't. Dan's vision for this project, ambitious as it is, has allowed me the opportunity to be more open and creative. Dan would come up with ideas that weren't always fleshed out, and would ask for my help to make it become a reality. It was fun - it is fun. I can't wait for people to get their hands on this product. I hope it makes people think differently, and have fun.

IG: @hankwashenry



I'm Alex, and I work for Insite Advice as a social media manager. My spare time is split between officiating tournaments for Wizards of the Coast, testing consumer electronics for JDS Labs, managing a team and community for Just Play!, moderating the discussions of St. Louis, as well as various side-projects as time allows. I try to keep a full schedule!

Currently, I’m working on Anthromancer, a two-in-one board game and tarot card system, which plays like a cross between chess and dominoes. I function as the community manager and consultant and have done everything from building and running the Kickstarter campaign to successfully securing “patent pending” status this summer. We hope to have the game on shelves in the coming years.

I am also a practiced and experienced bass choral singer and sang with the Gateway Men’s Chorus for over two years, where I oversaw the other singers in my range as a section manager. I’ve performed seven live concert series, as well as for numerous charitable outreach concerts.