Rulebooks and Tutorials

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Players: 2-4
Time: 25 minutes
Genre: Strategy/Chance

Mercenarium is an elegant game of strategy and chance for 2-4 players. It features familiar game mechanics (such as those found in chess and poker), but presents them in new ways, offering hours of fun and discovery for all who seek it. Players compete to be the first to (5) captures, or to eliminate their opponents by crippling their ability to summon new cards. Face cards are Mercenaries that can be ‘bought’ by other players to subvert their opponents’ strategies, and Hymn cards offer powerful actions that can radically alter the battlefield. This game rewards strategic thinking and the luck of the draw in equal measure, and no two games will ever flow the same.

Players: 2-4
Time: 25 minutes
Genre: Strategy/Chance (with an emphasis on Strategy)

Mercenarium Classic is a minimalistic variant of Mercenarium in which the Hymn cards are not used. This omission creates a more predictable battlefield, and will appeal to players who have a passion for strategy.

Players: 2-4
Time: 15 minutes
Genre: Strategy/Chance (with an emphasis on Chance)

Mad Mercenarium is a fast-paced variant of Mercenarium Classic. In addition to the omission of the Hymns, all capturing is resolved with both players rolling dice to add to their aura strength. This creates a gambling dynamic, in which audacity is rewarded more often than caution. This variant moves much faster than its counterparts, and provides an exciting twist for less strategy-focused players.

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Players: 2+
Time: 20 minutes or more
Genre: Speed/Pattern Recognition

Zodiac is a twist on classic card-capturing and pattern recognition games such as War, Egyptian Ratscrew, or Slapjack. The deck is divided evenly between all players, who then take turns drawing cards from their own piles and placing them face-up on a central pile. When court cards or hymns appear, the next player in rotation has between 1 and 5 chances to beat the previous player’s card, depending upon the card that was played. If they succeed, play continues to the next player; if they fail, the previous player gets the whole pile. In addition, when certain patterns arise (such as consecutive cards of the same face value or colored element) the first player to recognize the pattern and slap the pile with their hand wins all the cards in the pile. The object is to capture the whole deck and leave your opponents without any cards of their own. Wearing hand jewelry adds an optional ‘bloody knuckles’ mechanic.

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Players: 1
Time: 20 minutes
Genre: Solitaire

Solitarium is an original solitaire game that incorporates the unique design elements of Anthromancer in its gameplay. Players place a 5x5 tableau of cards face-up and attempt to find aura dot matches between them in order to remove those cards from play. When you match a Hymn (which matches with its colored element instead of its aura dots), you hold on to the hymn, and may discard it later in order to rotate a card in the tableau, or sweep the tableau in one direction. The objective is to clear the deck, using hymns as little as possible. The number of hymns you hold at the end of the game is your score.