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The foxchild balances; Harmony emerges.

Mercenarium Function: When you activate this hymn, discard it, then draw the top (3) hymns from the hymnal and select (1). The chosen hymn may be activated immediately or placed in your hand. Shuffle the remaining hymns back into the Hymnal.

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Dragonfruit Meaning:
Science / Knowledge, Discipline, Control / Empathy
Primary represents the power of understanding; with a conscious awareness of how the pieces of a system interact, we can take actions that harmonize with the natural order, amplifying our intentions. It symbolizes education, reading, and using our experiences to inform our view of reality.

Its core meaning (Science) implies the mastery over natural elements that comes from learning and observation; by broadening our horizons we become more aware of what is possible, what is useful, and what will serve us and those around us best. Its secondary themes (Knowledge, Discipline, Control) suggest that to gain this mastery we must seek it out and be open to it, and that through self-control we can learn to control other things as well. Its alteration (Empathy) describes our ability to connect with others by learning about, understanding, or experiencing their joy and suffering, and that greater knowledge gives us a greater ability to empathize.

7s are SCIENCES: knowledge and understanding of energy (through study, reflection, empathetic communication or trial and error) that empowers us to control our fate.