A minimalistic version of Mercenarium that omits the use of the Hymnal, for 2 to 4 players. Average play time: 15 to 45 minutes.

In order to win, a player must be the first to Five (5) Captures, or they must defeat their opponents by Limbo Elimination.

To play Mercenarium Classic, you will need:

  • One (1) 56-card Anthromancer Deck (remove the 15 hymn cards)

  • One (1) 6-sided die to establish turn order

  • The Anthromancer Board

Before you begin, go through the deck and remove the 15 hymn cards. These will not be used to play this rule variant, so you can return them to the box.

After the hymn cards have been removed, set up for Mercenarium Classic as you would for a standard game of Mercenarium; shuffle the deck and deal five (5) cards to each player. Roll dice to determine player turn order; whoever rolls the highest number goes first. Afterwards, turns proceed around the board in clockwise order.

Mercenarium Classic works the same as a standard game of Mercenarium, except players have fewer turn actions to choose from, as the hymnal is not included in gameplay. There are five (5) valid turn actions in Mercenarium Classic, and they are as follows:

SUMMON a Card – Place a card from your hand onto the board.
MOVE a Card – Move one of your in-play cards one space forwards, backwards, left or right.
CAPTURE an Enemy Card – Move one of your cards into a threatened enemy card’s space, and capture it.
BUY a Mercenary – Discard one of your captures to take control of an enemy Jack, Queen, King or Ace.
DRAW a Card – Draw a single card from the deck.

All other rules, including movement, combat, and summoning restrictions, remain the same as in standard Mercenarium. Maximum hand size is five (5) cards.

Win conditions in Mercenarium Classic are also the same as in a standard game of Mercenarium; Victory is awarded to either the first player to five (5) Captures, or through Limbo Elimination, and Stalemates occur after (3) repetitions of the same move cycle.

If, during a game of Mercenarium Classic, the deck is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile and continue as normal.