The Mercenarium Arcade

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Game (n.) : A form of play or sport, especially a competitive one, played according to rules and dictated by skill, strength, or luck.

Board games date at least as far back as 3100 BC, when a game called Senet was played in the First Dynasty of Egypt. While Senet’s rules have been lost to time, it’s clear that board games are an ancient part of the human story. The Royal Game of Ur, Mancala, Go, Chess...these have long outlived the minds that designed them. They’ve been played by emperors and kings, charlatans and fools; brought fraternity to some and bitter rivalries to others; and they’ve shaped the course of history more than we know.

There’s a mysterious power in games. They can unite us; They challenge us to better ourselves; They generate flow, happiness, and wonder. They draw out our humanity.

The Mercenarium Arcade was born from this intention. It is a return to and a reimagining of the timeless mechanics that have enchanted us since the dawn of civilization, a synthesis of the board, the card, the tile, the die, and the magic of our collective inheritance. It is an active metaphor for life itself, and an invitation to conquer the odds no matter what hand the universe deals you.

Most importantly, it’s fun.

Welcome to the Mercenarium Arcade.