The Hymnal Protocol

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Music (noun.) - Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. From the Latin/Greek Musica, meaning ‘The art of the muses’.

Music is a delight to the senses. Our ability to resonate with it may even predate the advent of language; It’s a primal method of relating and encoding information so that it can be remembered for centuries. Nothing speaks to the soul as effortlessly as a piece of beautiful music.

Released alongside Anthromancer is a concept album known as The Hymnal, free to listen to here. This album is professionally produced, with each track corresponding directly to the intention contained in each of Anthromancer’s Hymns. These compositions are meant to deepen an intuitive understanding of the system as a whole; Their abstract lyrics and layered instrumentation allow insights to appear organically within the contemplative listener. Like Dragonfruit Alchemy, this symbolic vehicle is meant to nudge you towards a transformed perspective of the product, and life.

This section of the website contains the written lyrics of the songs on The Hymnal, presented along with expanded information related to each hymn’s use in both the Mercenarium Arcade and Dragonfruit Alchemy. As such, this section is useful for referencing rules and meanings during play, and can help you develop an overall mastery of Anthromancer.

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