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A prophet full of light; The Way is revealed.

Mercenarium Function: When you activate the Fireyes hymn, you may select and discard any number of cards from your hand (you do not have to discard any if you do not wish to). After this, draw cards from the deck until you are holding the maximum 5 non-hymn cards.

Select cards (if any) to discard from your hand.

Select cards (if any) to discard from your hand.

Then, draw until you have five cards.

Then, draw until you have five cards.

Dragonfruit Meaning:
/ Charge, Attraction, Influence / Patience
Fireyes represents the gathering of energy before great movement. It symbolizes the act of preparation, of planning, or of cultivating the skills and resources needed to effect meaningful change in the universe.

Its core meaning (Authority) alludes to the responsibility of action that comes to those who have cultivated greatness within them; to have authority is to have both power and duty. Its secondary themes (Charge, Attraction, and Influence) elicit the image of an individual whose skills, resources, or charisma empowers them to trigger great change in the material world; authority draws people to it, giving the authority figure a great deal of influence on the actions of others. Its alteration (Patience) suggests that the way to cultivate authority is through hard work or great focus without the expectation or need of a reward.

Aces are LEADERS: Adepts and authority figures. Aces are sources of inspiration or jealousy in those around them. Their influence allows them to affect the world even through small actions. Their powers are amplified by technology, represented in their illustrations as legendary artifacts.

Foreign melodies, who is telling these
animated, complicated fugues?
Form a symphony, out of your sympathies,
if you'd please tell us what we should do.

Hidden in the deepest forest,
there's a quiet, constant chorus,
led by men, with eyes, of fire.
Their chanting's only getting stronger;
they'll all burn if they're much longer;
cast into, the funeral pyre.

Animosity is unbecoming,
overwhelmed as you may feel.
Color crossed with destiny,
you'll be satisfied with what the light reveals.

Hidden in the deepest forest,
there's a quiet, constant chorus
led by men with eyes of fire,
as they ignite that funeral pyre.
Their chanting's only getting stronger.
They'll all burn if they're much longer,
but they afford their apathy to
the fire in their eyes.