Dragonfruit Alchemy

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Alchemy (noun.) - A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

For many of us, the word ‘Alchemy’ elicits visions of crazy old men in medieval laboratories, mixing dangerous concoctions in glass alembics and hoping to turn lead into gold. Sometimes referred to as ‘Alchemistry’, it faded from society with the rise of proper science, and our memories of its spiritual aspirations have been overshadowed by its more dubious materialistic goals. Alchemy was once practiced in cultures across the globe, with initiates in China, Europe, and the Middle East all searching for answers to the same question: can nature be brought to perfection, and if so, how?

If one instead sees alchemy as a symbolic practice representing the search for spiritual perfection, its process closely mirrors the pilgrimage of the psychotherapy patient. The famous 20th century psychologist Carl Jung recognized this and used alchemical treatises to inform his views on what he called ‘the collective unconscious’. He believed that a person’s quest for psychic well-being resulted in individuation, and that by integrating our conscious and unconscious energies into our identity, we effectively transmuted our suffering into hermetic gold within.

What is it about this quest for perfection that is so universal among cultures of antiquity? Why is it so easy to draw a parallel between the search for material wealth, and that of the soul, or psyche? Can we use this correlation to inspire growth and change inside us, to help bring our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves into alignment?

In Dragonfruit Alchemy we explore these ideas through the power of symbolism and our natural capacity for storytelling. This system offers a completely different way to use the components of Anthromancer; it is a game in which the objective is your own creative satisfaction. Here, your experiences are the ingredients, your creativity is the flame, and your mind is the athanor - the alchemical furnace - in which your own stories may be brought to perfection.