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Whether you’re searching for personal guidance or looking to entertain guests with one-of-a-kind conversations, Dragonfruit Alchemy - and our professional Alchemists’ knowledge of Anthromancer, mysticism, and esoteric literature - is a catalyst for profound and delightful moments that can transform your future. If you live in the Greater St. Louis area, private one-on-one consultations can be arranged; if you are outside that area but are interested in booking a consultation, a simpler session can be arranged via Skype. Party/Event rates will depend upon duration, location, and estimated attendance (travel and lodging will be included in your quote). If you’d like to book one of these services, please select one from the menu below and submit any required information. We look forward to working with you.

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By booking the services of Tetra Entertainment LLC. (hereafter referred to as ‘The Company’), Daniel James Drake or any other Dragonfruit Alchemist (hereafter referred to as ‘representative’) you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use. You further certify that you are at least 18 years of age. Liability Disclaimer The Company makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials, or services offered by their representatives. By booking The Company’s services, you explicitly acknowledge that all Dragonfruit consultations and advice arising therefrom are provided and intended for the sole purpose of entertainment. Payment Policy Dragonfruit Alchemy Consultations (In Person and Skype sessions): 1. All in-person and Skype Dragonfruit Alchemy consultations are to be paid for beforehand via secure e-payment. 2. Policy on lateness, cancellation and no-shows: 48-hour advance notice is required to reschedule In Person in St. Louis consultations, and 24-hour notice for Skype consultations. If you do not provide this advance notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. Please take the time to email or call a representative if you need to reschedule. There is no refund or rescheduling for no shows. 3. The Company does not offer refunds for its services, for any reason. If you are not certain that these services are right for you, we ask you to spend some time exploring our other free resources, such as our YouTube channel, social media presence, and The Modern Magician blog and web series. These will give you an idea of The Company’s philosophy, and the way that Dragonfruit Alchemy works. 4. Services Agreement: You will be remitting payment as a “Service”, not “Goods.” You are not paying The Company in exchange for a product. You are paying for our representatives’ knowledge, experience, insights, wisdom, and time. When you order a consultation, you will receive a personalized service, and not a product. Event and Party Bookings: 1. A deposit of 50% is required on confirmation of event booking, and full payment is due on or immediately after the event, by e-transfer, credit card, cash or PayPal. 2. Seven day advance cancellation notice is required for event bookings, otherwise the 50% deposit will be forfeit. 3. If the event continues past midnight, rates increase. If additional time is to be added to the event without pre-booking, premium rates also apply. 4. A representative of The Company and client will discuss and clarify all aspects of the event prior to the event so that expectations are clear and confirmed. Code of Ethics: By enlisting the services of The Company, you are agreeing to the following Code of Ethics: 1. The purpose of Dragonfruit Alchemy is to provide clients with useful, practical insights. Dragonfruit Alchemy is not intended as a predictive system and The Company makes no claim to supernatural or divine knowledge. 2. The Company’s representatives will interpret the Dragonfruit symbols to the best of their ability, will conduct the consultation with honesty and compassion, and if they cannot interpret the symbols clearly they will communicate this. 3. The Company’s representatives will keep everything a client says and everything that is revealed in a consultation 100% confidential, unless the situation is possibly life-threatening. 4. The Company’s readings are non-judgmental, and we welcome clients of all cultures, religions, spiritual paths, genders and sexual orientations. 5. The Company’s representatives will not perform consultations to see what someone other than the client is doing or feeling, nor will they perform consultations for anyone under 18 years old. 6. The Company’s representatives will strive to give clients practical guidance, to help decide upon satisfying and empowering courses of action. 7. The Company’s representatives will not give advice in areas for which they are not qualified. If the client needs a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any other professional service for which the representative is not qualified, they will encourage them to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area. 8. The Company’s representatives will constantly strive to improve their mastery of the Dragonfruit Alchemy system, as well as their understanding of other spiritual paths and wisdom literature, drawing on many sources for their expertise. 9. The Company representative’s intention when performing a consultation is to serve the best interests of the client and all concerned without causing harm or wishing to deceive. 10. The Company reserves the right to refuse to perform a consultation for a question that they feel they cannot answer, or one that goes against this Code of Ethics.