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If you’ve come this far, congratulations! You’ve completed our basic guide to Dragonfruit Alchemy. You should now know everything you need to invent your own reading style, experiment with symbolism, and push this system to the limit.

Dragonfruit was developed organically out of the symbols and mathematics that revealed themselves during the creation of the Mercenarium Arcade. As a result, it continues to evolve and change, even as this guide is published. There are many ideas that we’ve only scratched the surface of here, which we won’t be able to properly expand upon until later editions of this product.

That being said, we hope that you’ve enjoyed what’s presented here, and that it ignites a spark of curiosity in you that leads you to investigate these concepts on your own. The study of sacred geometry, archetypes, alchemy, mythology, cosmology, and the ancient philosophies of the world can unlock a lot of surprising and empowering changes within you, especially when you seek them out for yourself. It is our genuine hope that this system helps inspire you to live your truth.

The name ‘Dragonfruit’ is a nod to the fascinating history of Tarot. Playing cards in their current form – those you see in casinos – share direct ancestry with the cards we see used for fortune telling, in smoky back rooms with crystal balls, glamorized in literature and film for their cryptic emanations. The word ‘Tarot’, is a shortening of the word ‘Tarocchi’, which is an Italian card game from the renaissance, named for a kind of blood orange. This is why the decorative arrangements of suit icons on cards are known as ‘pips’; ‘Pips’ are the seeds of an orange.

At some point, Tarot branched off into several variations. It’s core structure, however, has remained mostly unchanged. This has conveniently allowed our novel deck of cards to be used in a completely different way than was originally intended. Thus, Dragonfruit Alchemy was born.

Tarot, Tarocchi, Dragonfruit; a new kind of ‘fruit’ with a different sort of ‘pip’. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the flavor.