Anthromancer is an entertainment system that integrates a suite of classical board and card games, a unique divination oracle, a full-length concept album, and an illustrated mythology. Each of these four elements was designed in tandem so that one experience informs the rest. Their synergy depends upon 15 Hymns, which are represented as the major arcana of a deck of cards, as well as an album of songs.

In the board game suite – The Mercenarium Arcade – each hymn card allows a player to access powerful abilities that alter the tide of battle.

In the divination oracle – Dragonfruit Alchemy – each hymn card carries a potent archetype of meaning and a classical element, which modulates the meanings of all other cards and symbols.

Each hymn accompanies a musical composition on a concept album – The Hymnal – whose lyrics and moods add depth to a user’s understanding of the system.

Lastly, each hymn corresponds to a chapter of the lore – The Fool and The Fox – which explores Anthromancer’s deeper meanings, and grounds it in a fantastic origin story.

By engaging in any one of these four ‘levels’, your perspective of the whole will broaden, and your experience becomes infinitely richer.

Our goal is to publish something that influences thought as much as it brings joy and community. It was designed to evoke timeless, universal human ritual; an extension of millennia of classical game design and the iconic aesthetics of sacred geometry. Care and passion has been poured into each part of this, exemplified by the breathtaking minimalism of Sean Calen Blake’s beautiful illustrations.

In a world of bleak prophecy and spiritual crisis, we sought to create something more meaningful than just another board game, holding on to the faith that if we build it with integrity, it will find its audience.

If what we’re doing here calls out to you, and makes you feel seen, or heard, or loved, then our gratitude knows no bounds.

This is Anthromancer.

Be Moved.