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The raw signal for consciousness (spirit) is beamed in through the crown chakra. Then, the raw signals of our bodies (emotion in the “energy in motion” sense) are beamed up through the 4 body chakras, through the throat, to collide with “raw consciousness” in the 3rd eye. Here is the interference pattern of “experience”. Spirit + body = soul…or, The Trinity (of which there are countless iterations; Id, Ego, and Superego; Lucifer, Christ, Ahriman; The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit; The Triple Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu tradition; etc). The energy of consciousness and the energy of matter coalesce into the energy of Soul, the bridge between matter and consciousness. We are perpetually the link between creator and creation.


This idea first manifested in me when I was too stoned to function in the home of one of my partner’s old friends. It just…pop! There’s a physiological response when we ‘think’ a good idea. Out heart races, we get excited, and somehow, our brains decide to kick on and record data (I was in a kitchen, I think, and an Argentinian Tegu was walking past). And so, even though I was not good to drive, I was apparently good to hold on to this notion that consciousness itself is no more than a phenomenon of energy interference; Essentially, a kind of peculiar, 4-dimensional chord, in which all the electrical signals bouncing around in our body – from our nerves, hearts, lungs, stomachs, eyes, ears, and brain – coalesce and overlap in the 3rd eye. And like with any waveform, you can add new energy to it, but the frequency or quality of that energy will change the frequency or quality of the waveform. Harmony and dissonance, minor, major, augmented, diminished, what have you.


Our quality of consciousness depends on the clarity and balance of those physiological signals; our experience of ‘joy’, ‘happiness’, and ‘pleasure’ can be drawn out, or suppressed by our habits, our diets, our communities and our projects.


What I hadn’t quite figured out yet was the idea that there’s another signal coming into the body from elsewhere. Ancient teachers had figured this stuff out (hence the notion of a crown chakra existing at all) but in the world of noise, distraction, and radio interference we have today, it takes a little longer to ‘get’ it.


Science tells us there’s a background vibration to the universe. We don’t usually perceive it, not in the physical sense, but our mechanical instruments can detect it. YouTube it; it’s fascinating. So all around us at all times is a permeating cosmic hum, and my intuition tells me that this is source energy. The cosmic hum vibrates our antenna to generate impulses, thoughts, and inspiration. Likewise, how we live alters the potential for resonance within that antenna. A dull, unhealthy life gets dull, unlively resonance. A vibrant life (note the word VIBE-rant) has lively, energetic resonance.


Pragmatically what this boils down to is this:


Respect the holy instrument that is your body, and you will be rewarded with a higher quality of thought, feeling, and intuition. Abstain from practices which dull your apparatus, and you will download wisdom constantly and effortlessly.


The mind thinks in the way that the ear hears. It is a receiving organ, not a generating one. Our true nature is silence. The closer we get to this true nature, the easier it is for us to hear the word of God, the wisdom of the cosmos, the wonder and joy inherent in all creation, whatever you like to call it. We are always getting in our own way.


To follow this visual to its logical end adds significance to the Heart chakra. Here’s why.


We’re always hearing ye olde enlightened masters talking about LOVE, how love is everything and how everything is love. That love sets us free, that it is the greatest teacher and reason for being at all. Love is a big deal. Okay, so…why?


In my research into chakras and their symbolic associations, the Heart Chakra is the one most deeply connected with the idea of platonic love. Makes sense, right? It also has to do with logical thought (which I connected from the suit of swords in tarot, to the element of air, to the heart chakra), but that also makes sense; our thoughts affect who we connect with and how those connections function. And connection is all about love.


It could be that our association of ‘the heart’ with ‘love’ is just a habit we inherited from these ancient traditions, but I think anyone that has suffered can tell you that pain and joy related to love centers itself firmly in our hearts. This is not learned wisdom so much as felt; deeply known. Self-evident because when we’re fully present during a strong emotion, we don’t need to see a star chart to tell you where the love hurts at.


Here’s the kicker: the heart chakra is the center chakra. There are 7 in total, and it is the 4th, meaning that, were our chakras a string, plucking it at the heart would create the loudest, longest-heard tone.


Assuming all of reality is vibrational…

And assuming our consciousness itself is based upon harmony and dissonance…

And assuming that we can tune our bodies to be more receptive to the raw signal of the universe…

Then it is, logically, LOVE that paves the way for all things.


The love we feel for others is magnified enormously when we love ourselves, because in loving ourselves, we attune our body to receive the signal of God. And it is through LOVE that the greatest change, the most beautiful music, can be heard and felt in the universe around us.


Love is the emotion that makes the greatest use of our worldly apparatus. To choose love is to attract harmony, loudly, to you, and to drown out dissonance. Because, following this logic, any action taken that is not grounded in love is exponentially weaker than one that IS. If you do not pluck the string at the center, your tone is softer, and sustains for less time.


So pluck the string at the center. Love yourself, love the world, and watch the miracles unfold.


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