January 8, 2018
January 10, 2018
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God is constantly sending signs to everyone. The issue is that these signs appear as symbols, and symbols must be interpreted by our minds to have meaning. If we don’t believe a symbol has power, then it has no power. If we do, then it does.

Astrology gets its power from this; it has nothing to do with the external. Mercury does not determine your mood. The more you identify the external symbol with external power, the less useful it actually is.

But when you realize that you alone create the meaning for a symbol, you can suddenly use symbols as grip-tape for reality. You can grab a symbol, knowing that it’s externally meaningless, and use your internal interpretation of it to catalyze all kinds of positive change in your circumstances. You can invent meaning – with full awareness that you invented it out of nothing – and then use it to make your life incredible. You can happen upon a strange business card and call the number, having consciously chosen to take it as a ‘sign’, and whatever change this moment generates, as a part of your ‘purpose’.

This is why I have always raised an eyebrow at people and teachers that ask me to believe in something in order for it to work. I don’t think it’s a question of belief. I think you have to get to the next level of abstraction; you let go of the NEED to believe. I don’t need to believe that Tarot cards possess magical influence over my life, because I can simply UNDERSTAND them. Belief is an unnecessary draping. Truth is truth, and you don’t need to believe in truth for it to be true.

The truth of tarot cards (and astrology, and all that mumbo jumbo) is far more miraculous, and frankly, liberating, than their sales pitch makes them out to be. Any discipline which teaches its pupils to understand how all meaning is generated within them, is doing God’s work.

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