January 8, 2018
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I look at my phone,
and I open the facebook pages app.

I move to update my
profile picture.

I realize, This app really is just a
video game. This mentality is the same one I use when I play them. It
has a scoring system, and avatar functionality. You upload your
images and try to create good content that will resonate with

It’s very musical; it’s mostly about
vibrations. You have to listen to the vibrations of the world and
create accordingly. If you do well – if you harmonize with the
world’s current vibration – you will succeed, and you will score
points. Likewise, if you do not harmonize – if you cause discord –
you will experience abrasion, and lose points.

causing abrasion can raise your score, too. It’s kind of jazzy like
that. Free jazz doesn’t always sound great, but it’s technically
music. The point is, you can improve at this like playing bass. You
can practice and get better. You just have to have the right
perspective; you can’t play an instrument until you know how it

Try this: Lose yourself in the hum of a passing
helicopter. Listen intently to the sounds around you, find their
tones, and focus on them. There’s always so much sound going on;
the cacophony of life is an infinite orchestra. The words people say
and their emotional tonality create complicated patterns of
vibrations (be they light or sound waves), and there is a physical,
vibrational frequency – a cosmic waveform – even if nobody hit
record. It’s a 4-dimensional piece of music. And it’s got MMO
live editing of the composition.

It’s a game.

media is just one weird tiny little minigame, but it’s one that you
can do surprisingly well in if you understand how the big game works,
if you can perceive of the bigger picture. Because then it becomes,
not a life-or-death anxiety-inducer, but an exciting challenge that
you can’t wait to return to. One that you can take your time with,
because you want to do it right and you have no deadline for
completion. You become willing to try over and over again because you
have specific goals and specific means of achieving those goals. You
can consciously witness your progress towards the goals, your score
improving, your level increasing, your talents unlocking along the

This is how you lose yourself in the hum of a passing

When you grasp the vibrational nature of
reality, and you perceive of the great unending 4-dimensional cosmic
chord, you see that things are interconnected; that tones are
critical. You see that everyone plays their part whether they know
it, or want to, or not. We are OF the music. Only by understanding
this, and trying to play with the band, can you lock step with the
music and put your finger on the pulse. At which point, you can jam a
little bit.

Some people get really good solos. I always
wanted to be one of them.


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